Quality Carbon Fibre Furniture and Accessories By Carbonoir

Modern and Elegant design.
Handcraft combined with High-Tech Production - Swiss MAde. 
space Age Carbon fiber in its most beautiful exclusive appearance. 

Carbonoir offers quality products from carbon, a composite material known for its use in aerospace and motorsport. It’s high strength, lightweight, and comes with a modern charisma – perfect for dynamic yet simple designs.


Choose Carbonoir for high quality expressed in modern, refined design. Our products are developed and produced in cooperation with our network of highly professional and internationally renowned companies in Switzerland, bringing high-tech production and artisan creativity together.


Finally, all products can be personalized with Sur Mesure.


From Design...

It all starts with an idea from our designer Daniel Koelliker, a founding member and partner of Carbonoir with a BA in Product Design. Using product rendering to generate an image from raw data, products are visualised in two dimensions. If those images meet the high expectations that we share with our customers, we then begin turning the vision into a prototype and, later, a product.

... to Product developement ...

Our material specialists and engineers bring something new to every product. Can the design be practically produced? Can it be improved even further? We take an iterative approach, using 3D models and prototypes that every developer can assess and refine. Several models later, all parties agree that they have reached the optimal finish.

... to Production ...

The optimal final design then requires the optimum method of production. Most Carbonoir products are produced in the autoclave – a pressurised container for the thermal treatment of substances under high pressure – to guarantee the best surface quality. Perfect surfaces also depend in the right material for the negative form (the ‘tool’): aluminium.


Producing a carbon product begins with individual carbon fibres. They are processed into a yarn, which is then woven in the desired orientation to different types of dry tissue. Across twill, plain/canvas, and unidirectional, these tissues bring their unique characteristics to the stylish look of the product’s surface.


The tool is laminated with the desired fibre orientation and dry fibres and epoxy resin are added. Then, with the components for producing material carbon ready, it is cured under pressure and heat. Finally, all excess resin is pressed out as completely as possible – crucial for a high quality product, since the higher the carbon content, the stronger the part will be.

... to the final finish

In principal, the product is finished. However, like a rough diamond being turned into a dazzling gem, it must still receive a thorough polish. Sanding, painting the desired finish for the protection of the Carbon Fibre, and mounting the last parts all highlight the qualities of design and materials throughout. We then conduct rigorous quality control to maintain the highest possible standards.